Financial Audit Services

As one of the audit companies of Turkey standing out with our effective and dynamic structure, we offer services to our customers from various markets and businesses. We have professionals providing audit and assurance services to  make sure our customers meet the Turkish and international legal requirements.

We offer our Audit and Assurance services under  two categories; audit of financial statements and compliance with legislation.

Our services related to the audit of financial statements includes presenting an opinion on whether financial statements and footnotes of a company comply with International Financial Reporting Standarts (“IFRS”), ” Generally Accepted Accounting Principles” (“US GAAP”) or standarts determined by regulators.

This opinion is presented following the audit process which is conducted to make sure an independent auditor expresses an opinion on whether financial position and activity results of a business have been realistically presented.

We can work together to meet your following needs and targets;

  • Financial Audit and Reporting to the shareholders,
  • Financial Fraud Audit and Investigation Services ,
  • IFRS and US-GAAP Adjustments,
  • Turkish procedural tax laws (Local Standards),
  • Revision of legal books, related documents and financial statements within the framework of tax legislation,
  • Checking accuracy of provisional income tax returns with legislation each quarter,
  • Auditing and process monitoring of accounting and tax applications as a third party,