Accounting and Tax Services

In a rapidly changing world, we do not just meet the needs of our clients with regard to accounting and tax applications, but go beyond reaching the intended system by taking all processes into account and creating an added value that leaves a positive impression on our customers.

With a complementary perspective, we are helping our customers prepare their accounting and tax functions for the future by integrating technology into routine works with our innovative and practical strategies and models instead of monotonous accounting practices.

Determine of the challenges, your targets and needs is just a beginning. Identifying change and development processes together and creating long-term strategies accordingly is the key to a successful and steady management.

You do not have to change your existing accounting system or software. At Smart Outsourcing, we transfer the accounting data you have on your own system to our own system or to our client’s local accounting database using transfer templates and provide data integration. Thus, by creating a bridge between the two global systems, we bring the system compatibility to the forefront.

We can work together to meet your following needs and targets;

  • Recording of accounting entries in line with uniform chart of accounts (COA) and regular reporting,
  • Chart of Accounts Integration on demand (HQ) – SKR 03 & SKR 04 Mapping
  • Application of Cost Center Strategy (CCS) to the accounting structure and providing interpretability of PL (Profit and Loss) transactions,
  • Bookkeeping according to Local-GAAP, IFRS, German-GAAP and US-GAAP, analyzing the differences and regular reporting,
  • Preparing Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Tax Returns (VAT, VAT2, Withholding Tax, Corporation Income Tax (CIT), BA/BS, Stamp Duty, Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax) via E-Decleration System,
  • Inventory counting & inventory accounting applications and system setup to the ERP system,
  • Controlling and tracking accounting and taxation processes that should be carried out for Branches and Liaison Offices in Turkey,
  • AR/AP Reconciliation Services,
  • External control of accounting data’s compliance with local tax legislation and development of appropriate work (Four Eyes Principle),
  • Setting up E-Ledger and E-Invoice integrations into accounting functions and controlling and executing regulation requirements,
  • Ad Hoc Financial Statement Preparation and Review,
  • Financial Forecast Analysis,
  • Monthly/Annual Financial Reporting – Preparation of Financial Statement or Package Reporting for Board Of Directors Meeting ,
  • Establishing a functional accounting and cost system, and implementing to the accounting departments,
  • Cloud Accounting
  • Cash Flow Management

Tax Services

We can work together to meet your following needs and targets;

  • Tax Reporting and Strategy
  • VAT Refund Services – accelerated, Our dedicated group work exclusively on VAT refund transactions.
  • Analyzing the taxation processes in accordance with the strategies and targets of the company to be established,
  • Resolving the potential obstacles that our customers face/will face by performing tax-related risk assessments and preparing risk analysis reports,
  • Tax planning and consultation services to optimize tax burden,
  • Implementing inspection and audit process demanded by tax office, and representation in tax courts,
  • Consultancy services on financial and strategic structures to be established due to hidden capital arising from our customers’ commercial relations with foreign markets and the transferring profit abroad,
  • Consultancy services on incentives and conflicts arising within the scope of avoidance of double taxation treaties signed between countries,
  • Implementingneccesary procedures for VAT refund and accounting procesudes coordinately in the presence of Tax Office,
  • Corporate Finance,
  • Transfer Pricing Report Preparation,
  • Tax Certification and Other Sworn Financial Advisory Services,
  • Valuation Services / Valuation Reporting,
  • Financial Due Diligence,
  • Preparation of annual corporate tax certification report
  • Checking accuracy of corporate tax returns with the tax legislation and recalculate
  • Full Tax Certification (According to Local Tax Legislations) by Sworn Registered Financial Advisor (SFA)